S4OPTIK delivers extraordinary value.

S4Optik is now a division of advancing eyecare

Currently comprised of Lombart Healthcare, Marco Healthcare, Enhanced Medical Services (EMS), Veatch Ophthalmic Instruments, Santinelli International, Sios, INNOVA Medical, and S4Optik the combine scope of the organization has the broadest product portfolio, the most knowledgeable people, and the most reliable service in the industry.

Advancing Eyecare — Our Name is Our Mission.

Modern designs, Select materials, Exacting standards

S4Optik has combined all three to create state of the art instruments delivering exceptional value.

S4Optik is the global brand chosen by thousands of doctors in over 20 countries to equip their ophthalmic practice. Understanding today’s diagnostic needs and the economics of health care delivery, we have created a line of products that meets the needs of the ophthalmic practices of the present, with an eye to the future. S4OPTIK Chair and Stand units, manufactured in North America, and S4OPTIK Slit Lamps fabricated in Europe, are machined to the highest standards with a modern design aesthetic. Our track record of repeat business, is a testimony to the service we deliver. We offer an Industry Leading Warranty and reasonable acquisition costs to help your practice deliver a successful diagnostic experience for both patient and practitioner. Please review the S4OPTIK product line and then contact us. We’ll help you equip your practice so you can deliver the very best in patient eye care.